My life is divided into three parts. Part 3 is the one that starts with this travel blog. It is the most satisfying phase of my life because I can finally devote to what really excites me: traveling, writing and photographing. It is a time of creativity, freedom and joy.

Part 2 began with my arrival in the United States in 1999. This was a university stage full of adaptations to a new culture and a new language. Learn more about My Life In The USA: Part 2. It was also a time of learning, dreams and accomplishments.

Part 1 started in Mexico, my home country, for which I have great love despite not having lived there for over 15 years. It was a time of adventure. Mexico is a country with a rich culture. My passion for art, music, literature and history was born in Mexico.

This trilogy makes up who I am now: A person with an irresistible desire to travel. I believe the world is a classroom; travel is a tool for learning. Life should be a journey full of teachings that eventually will make you a great teacher. I want to live life as a unique and unforgettable journey and share it with you.




Have you seen the color of the sea in the Caribbean beaches? Have you noticed the color of peacock feathers? Have you seen the turquoise, this blue-green gemstone, closely?

“The pastel shades of turquoise have endeared it to many great cultures of antiquity: it has adorned the rulers of Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs (and possibly other Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans)…”

It is a color that fascinates me. And as it is associated with different cultures of the world, I thought it would be the perfect name for a travel blog. Turquoise is “Turquesa” in Spanish. In addition, the pun on “tour,” trip in English, seemed fun.