Austinites Work Out? You Bet!

There is one aspect of Austin’s life that is hard to ignore: Austinites work out or seem to be fit. A recent survey revealed that 90 percent of respondents felt that Austin is a city physically active. You bet!

“Because of the perception that everyone is fit, there are more people with that mentality who are really willing to share their time and knowledge to see if what they do is an option for you,” said Sherry Oliver, one of the 814 people surveyed by “Voices of the Austin Community,” according to the Austin American-Statesman, the local newspaper.

So I went with the flow and few days ago I decided to start regular walks on the shores of the Lady Bird Lake, emblematic site in the heart of the city.

Walking along the lake is enough to realize that, indeed, Austin is a city that cares about being fit. It gives the feeling that we belong to the group for which “sound mind in a sound body” is a veritable mantra.

Last year, authorities opened a stretch that connects a part of the lake with another to form a circuit of 16.25 kilometers (10 miles) and gave it the name of The Boardwalk Trail.

Besides being an option for exercise and leisure, the Boardwalk is ideal to appreciate one of the best views of modern buildings in downtown.

My desire is to travel the world, so nothing better to start keeping fit. “When in Rome…” do as the Austinites: exercise!

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