Playing With Water Is Vital!

Water is a vital element for life. But playing with water is vital for everyone! Just ask any child, or adult for that matter. It is difficult to resist the temptation to get wet, especially if it’s hot and you are playing with water such as the spouting water fountains.

Water sources have become an interesting attraction in many parts of Mexico. One example are the fountains of the Monument to the Revolution, a landmark and a monument commemorating the Mexican Revolution, located in Plaza of the Republic in Mexico City.

The 100 vertical water jets move and light up to the beat of music in the esplanade in front of the monument.

These water sources were created by Ecofénix Fuentes, a company that has installed some 350 fountains around Mexico and in other countries like Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador.

During the hot afternoons the fountains of the Monument to the Revolution become a water recreation center for the whole family. No need for swimwear; children and adults are among the jets to play and have a good soaking.

By the way, did you know that Monument to the Revolution is one of Mexico’s best lookouts? Check it out!

What are your thoughts? Do you like playing with water just as you did when you were a kid?

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  • Hi Monica!
    My answer to your question above is: YES! I actually LOVE playing with and being in water! My best memories as a child are those times when I would go out to play on the street with all the kids from that street, and get wet by filling up and throwing water balloons at each other! Oh I just smiled big and deeply. Going to a swimming pool was the other super fun activity which was so exciting because it required us, my family, to make a short trip to the nearest water park outside Mexico City.

    My five year old son also loves being in water! It seems to help him get balanced, in many ways.

    As an adult and actually recently, I started feeling more and more grateful for this vital element in life and for all those needing it to be alive. These days I am also looking more into how I relate to it/ what’s my relationship with water.


    • Thank you, Arely! Comments like yours make me feel encouraged! I hope you keep visiting this site often.


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